Protect our officers 

COVID-19 is the most pressing problem we have faced in generations. For our Police Officers the role is the same–to protect and serve our residents but their responsibilities now include having to be concerned with a new infectious disease.

Every day our officers are on the frontline working to keep the city safe. We owe it to them to ensure they have the protection necessary for an ongoing response, long-term.

Please consider donating to the COVID-19 Response Fund to help us address the long-term needs for PPE, essential supplies, equipment, and training presented by this crisis.

As our partner in public safety, we want to share with you useful resources:

COVID-19 City Updates  Updates from the City of Boca Raton

Economic Assistance for Individuals and Businesses The Boca Chamber’s website includes economic assistance programs information and more. continues to assist people in need and link volunteers with those who need help.  Meals and Pantry Bags

Please follow the COVID-19 infection prevention and control guidelines to help prevent virus transmission. Stay safe.