Foundation Impact

Some of the items and programs the Foundation has funded include:


Polaris off-road vehicle for trail, park and beach security, patrol and rescue.

Emergency Vehicle Skid Tires. 


Firearms Training Simulator (FATS) System and weapon accessories to train law enforcement personnel in a variety of real world scenarios.

See the News & Media Page for media coverage and photos from our FATS ribbon cutting event.


Citizen Recognition Gift Cards – BRPF Gift Cards are awarded to citizens, as designated by the Chief,  for their significant contribution to the cause of Law Enforcement.

Police Memorial Event –  Every May, we join the BRPD and the public to honor those that have lost their lives in the line of duty.  Co-sponsor of the lunch that immediately follows the ceremony.

Shop with a Cop –  Co-sponsor this activity during the holiday season with Boca Raton Blue Benevolent for military families who have a parent deployed overseas.

Trunk or Treat –  Sponsor of this private appreciation event for police officers and their families.

First Responders Expo – Participation in the expo with Boca Raton Police, Firefighters and Paramedics.

Coffee with a Cop – Participation with the BRPD as they host ongoing chats throughout the City for the public to ask questions, voice concerns and get to know officers in a casual setting.

In May 2018, we kicked off the Bloodhound Project to raise funds for a bloodhound for the department.  Bloodhounds’ amazing scent abilities make the dog a valuable resource for police departments to locate suspects or find missing people enabling them to gain leads that may otherwise have gone undetected. Help us bring a bloodhound to Boca Raton! Donate to the project.